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3430 Ptarmigan Lane Helena, MT 59602

Monday-Friday 7:30am-5:30pm

Pre-Kindergarten Learning and Development Programs


We want every child to feel safe and secure at Creative Horizons. So of course, we first need to meet their physical needs!  They need to have plenty of nutritious and familiar things to eat and they need to feel safe and loved. They need time to “wind down” in the afternoon and rest or nap. They need a safe environment to explore and careful supervision to keep them safe. This is the basis of our philosophy for our Pre-Kindergarteners!

But this is just the beginning. . . . . this is just meeting their physical needs.  We also want our little ones to grow intellectually and emotionally. We want them to continue their language development and to master auditory discrimination skills necessary for reading. We want them to become interested in math and calculations and measuring. We want them to recognize and print letters and learn the sounds of letters. We want our Pre-K kids to sing and love music, to socialize and learn to play and get along with others and learn to use their problem-solving skills. Most of all, we want them to reach their full potential in every way!