Meet Our Dedicated Team of Child Educators

Our Team: We strive to employee professional teachers to assist children with their growth and development.

Director/Owner: Ann Lynch has been a child care provider for more than 30 years. She has a master’s degree in Early Childhood with an emphasis in Business. Ann has served on the Governors Child Care Advisory Board for three years as well as being President of the Montana Child Care Association. It has been Ann’s dream to open a child care center because of her commitment to children and her awareness of the need for quality childcare in Helena Community.

Assistant Director: Allesha was born and raised in Helena, Mt., has 3 beautiful children, 1 girl (13) and 2 boys (7 & 9), and is married to her husband Kevin. She has an Associates in Early Childhood and Environmental Science. In her spare time, she enjoys camping, being outdoors, analyzing insects/arachnids, and spending time with her family. 

Curriculum Director: Julie is very excited to be involved in your journey and Creative Horizons. She grew up right outside of Chicago and loves to go home and visit. Fall is her favorite time of the year because she enjoys sipping coffee cuddled up by the fire looking at all the different colored leaves. Julie has her Associates of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education and continues her education to reach a Master's in ECE.

Infant Teachers:

Glennda: She is a mother of 2 grown boys and has two granddaughters aged 4 and 2 years. Glennda has her 60-hour Infant/Toddler certificate, well over 100 hours of training hours and has accomplished her CDA (Child Development Associate). She adores every baby that has come through her room and is always excited to receive a chance to work with new babies. Her hobbies include scrap-booking and embroidering but her true love is defiantly nurturing infants.

Sharon: She gets along with everyone she meets and has a special place in her heart for animals. She enjoys working with children because of the bond she builds with each child. Showing all children love is what motivates her to continue her passion for working with kids.

Lynda: She found the perfect calling when she applied for our part time position with the infants. She has 3 children, 3 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild which she adores. Lynda enjoys Hallmark, funny shows and mystery books. During her vacations, Lynda and her husband love to visit Glacier Park and Fairmont Hot Springs every year.

Herbie: She is a mother of 6, grandmother of 18, and great grandma of 10. She is a retired Medical Records Coordinator who loves to read, go camping, and travel. Watching the babies turn into toddlers and the part she plays in that evolution brings love to her heart.

Abby: She enjoys the simple things in life like hanging out with friends and family, reading, and watching movies. Occasionally she will get a sketchbook and start to draw. She loves working with children because you never know what they will do next and they melt her heart.

Toddler Teachers:

Autumn: She has been working here for 2 years and enjoys teaching young children and watching them grow. She loves the outdoors and spending time with her son and family.

2-Year-Old Teachers:

Rebecca: She loves to hang out with friends, cheerleading, and enjoys being a youth gymnastics coach. Since becoming a coach, children have become her passion. She takes pride in helping them grow and expand on their skills.

Alex: She recently graduated from high school and plans to continue her education to become a nurse. She loves working with children because she loves seeing the changes in the children's development, watching them grow, and says that it just an amazing to witness.

Preschool Teachers:

Becky: She was born and raised in Helena, MT. and has her 60 hour Preschool Certificate. When she is not in the classroom, she enjoys spending time with her husband Brett and son Marshall. She has been caring for children for as long as she can remember. Keeping them safe, happy, observing their curiosity and resilience is what makes doing childcare so rewarding. She has earned a "PhD in life" as her grandfather put it.  

Raelynn: She enjoys the outdoors, playing music, and seeing smiling children every day. She loves working with children to see hoe they process information and problem solve on their own, their honesty, and open book expressions. She enjoys being there for all children.

Indica: She is naturally very silly with a genuine personality which makes it an awesome experience working with children. Being a teacher is important to her because she is proud of the  difference she can make in each child's life.

Reann: She enjoys being able to play soccer, basketball, and in her free time she loves to draw. She enjoys working with children because she loves to see the creativity that each child has and the excitement they have when they accomplish the activity they've been working on.

Pre-K Teachers:

Mary: She is a mother of a 3-year-old son and an 8-year-old daughter and has been working at Creative Horizons for 8 years. She has accomplished her Child Development Associate 4 years ago. She enjoys working with children because she makes a difference in their lives so early on.

Kaden: She has 4 nieces and nephews under the age of 5. Her 5-year-old dog is named Rebel. She is currently enrolled and the University of Montana-Western seeking her Associates of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education. She enjoys working with children because of the bonds that are formed and watching then grow and learn.


Destiny: She was born and raised in Helena, Mt and has 3 beautiful children. Reading books and painting are just a few activities she does in her free time. She loves working with children because of the joy watching them grow and the support she can offer each child.

Katie: She has been working at Creative Horizons for over a year and a Senior in High School looking forward to graduating this June. Outside of work, her main focuses are school and volleyball. She loves working with children because they are so full of live and they make the best companions anyone could ask for. Children are the highlight of her day and she always looks forward to coming to work in the afternoon after her long day to big the children big hugs.

Christiana: Her free time is spent singing in choir, drawing, and putting smiles on peoples faces. She finds working with children to be very rewarding.