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3430 Ptarmigan Lane Helena, MT 59602

Monday-Friday 7:30am-5:30pm

Facilitating the Growth and Development of Older Toddlers

Deer 2


We want every child to feel safe and secure at Creative Horizons.   So of course, we first need to meet their physical needs!  Older Toddlers & 2’s also need to be introduced to the potty – perhaps the single biggest achievement this year! And they need to have plenty of nutritious and familiar things to eat and they need to be warm and to feel safe and loved. They need a good nap and lots and lots of cuddles. This is the basis of our philosophy for our Older Toddler & 2’s!

But this is just the beginning. . . . . this is just meeting their physical needs.  We also want our little ones to grow intellectually and emotionally. We want them to learn words and language, to recognize colors and shapes, to sing and love music, to socialize and learn to play and get along with others and to reach their full potential in every way!

For Older Toddlers & 2’s we have puzzles, trucks and cars, dolls and soft toys, containers to fill and dump, blocks to stack and build, stacking rings and various beginning building toys. We have many books for Older Toddlers & 2’s – books for teachers to read and special books for children to handle and enjoy on their own. Older Toddlers & 2’s enjoy “pretend” play and love to play dress up in the dramatic play corner, manipulate puppets in the puppet area, and race cars around winding raceways.