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3430 Ptarmigan Lane Helena, MT 59602

Monday-Friday 7:30am-5:30pm

Bring Your Infants and Toddlers to Our Learning Center!

A Day in the Infant and Young Toddler Rooms at Creative Horizons

A typical day for your infant at Creative Horizons is full of food and fun, music and movement, cuddles with the teachers and lots of time for toys and play!  We have rattles and drums, shakers and streamers, puppets and balls, blocks and books and soft and squishy toys to play with.

Every baby is different! We specialize in getting to know each baby and learning what their needs are.  Some babies like long naps, wake up slowly and enjoy quiet feeding time. Others are more rambunctious, need shorter naps and need that bottle immediately when they awaken!  So, as you visit our infant room you will see nappers napping, hungry tots eating, and energetic and happy crawlers exploring a colorful and fun-filled environment. All these things are normal. You will rarely see all the babies napping or all the babies awake.

In nice weather the babies enjoy being outside. When our Montana weather turns cold, we open the curtains and let the sunshine in, playing music and entertaining the babies with finger-plays, puppets and other fun-filled large motor activities.



We sing and chant with the babies throughout the day: during hand washing, diaper changes, and soft humming during a bottle feeding. Music helps to set a happy mood for the class! When energy is high, calm classical music helps calm restless ones. When children are bored or need a change of pace, upbeat children's’ songs help.

The words that come to mind when we step inside our infant room are calm, clean, colorful and cheerful!