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3430 Ptarmigan Lane Helena, MT 59602

Monday-Friday 7:30am-5:30pm

Fun and Educational Programs for Early Preschool Kids

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For Preschoolers we have puzzles, trucks and cars, dolls and a doll corner, blocks to stack and challenge building toys. We have fabulous books for our preschool students, books for teachers to read, and special books for students to handle and enjoy on their own. At this age, our students enjoy "pretend" play and love to play dress up in the dramatic play corner, manipulate puppets in the puppet area, and race cars around winding race ways. They begin to be more interested in drawing, coloring, and using scissors. They enjoy painting and activities with play-dough. Many play activities are really learning activities in disguise!

We choose toys and educational activities carefully so that they are challenging but not to frustrating. We check materials frequently to see that they are safe and in good repair. Our goal is for our students to have new and challenging activities to accommodate their growing intellect. We work with our students so that our students reach their full potential!